How to Embroider an Applique Design
Lisa B.

Children's Embroidery and Applique Designs


"How to Machine Embroider a Digitized Embroidery design". For this example I'm using a frog embroidery design. In addition to an embroidery machine you will need the fabric you wish to embroider upon secured in a hoop, the threads and a pair of scissors. I download the digitized embroidery design to my machine and attach the hoop. I stitch out the first fill color. Next, the second thread color is for the frogs eyes. The third thread color is for the outline and the spots on the frog. The final thread color is for the frogs eyeballs. When the sewing of the design is complete I remove the fabric from the hoop and trim the excess threads. The embroidery design is complete.

How to Machine Embroider an Embroidery Design

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