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Embroidering On Towels

Embroidering on towels is a great project. They look great in your bathroom or kitchen and are great as gifts! Embroidering on towels can be a little tricky until you get the hang of it so I have some tips to help you out.

Use a good quality strong stabilizer behind your towel. Use Aqua Film on the top of the towel. This will stop the design from sinking into the fabric and improve the finished quality greatly. Make sure you use a needle that is the correct size to handle the thickness of the towel. Hoop your design and embroider. When you are done remove as much of the Aqua Film as possible and then wash the remaining away with water.

Am I Using The Correct Size Needle?

Needles come in a variety of sizes to suit the different fabrics you embroider on. Using the correct size needle can greatly effect the outcome of the quality of your project. If you are embroidering on toweling, denim or other thicker fabrics you will need to make sure you are using a heavier duty needle. Likewise if you are embroidering on a light weight material or stretch material you will need a smaller type of needle. The needle should not have a difficult time going through your fabric nor should it leave a hole in your fabric. Typically for stretchy fabrics you shold use a round ball needle. For nonstretchy fabric use a sharp needle point. Check on the needle package for the recommended fabric types.

Is My Machines Tension Correct?

Different fabrics and designs require different tensions. Many machines automatically adjust the tension as necessary. Occasionally it may require you to manually adjust the top tension yourself or have a technician do it. Thicker fabrics require a little looser tension where as thinner fabrics require a little tighter tension. Always check your tension on the first few stitches to prevent any problems.

-If your top tension is too loose you'll see loose loops on the front of your design. The back of the design will be messy and loose and little if any bobbin thread will be showing. To solve this problem tighten the top tension.

-If your top tension is too tight the edges of the stitches on the front of your design may show some bobbin thread. The back of the design will show little to no top thread. To solve this problem slightly loosen the top tension.

Securing Applique Fabric To The Design To Prevent Movement During Stitching.

There are a couple of ways you can secure fabric to your applique design to prevent it from moving during stitching and causing annoying wrinkles and bubbles in your design.

-Spray adheasive works great to secure larger pieces of applique fabric to you design for stitching. Just lightly spray the applique fabric with the adhesive and place in the correct area of the design and stitch.

-Sometimes an applique fabric is too small to use spray adhesive. A great alternate to spray adhesive is a glue stick. Just run the glue stick over the area where your"re applique fabric will go. Put the applique fabric into place and stitch.

The Design Isn't Lining Up Correctly What Is Causing This?

The main reason your design may not line up correctly is because the material is moving in your hoop during the embroidery process. It is very important to hoop your fabric securly before starting to embroider it. It is also very important to use a good quality strong stabilizer.In some cases a cut away fusable stabilizer is the best. Another way to help prevent slippage of the material is to wrap Hurt Free First Aid Tape around the middle section of all 4 sides of your hoop and then hoop the fabric. One other thing to keep in mind is that designs may not resize accurately. So if you have resized or altered a design in any way that might be the reason your design isn't lining up.


These general tips are meant to be helpful to you but do not substitute testing out a design before starting your final project. For more specific tips relating to your specific machine please contact your embroidery machine manufacturer. We are not responsible for the final outcome of your projects.


If You Have Any Tips You Would Like To Share Please Email Them To Me!


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