How to Embroider an Applique Design
Lisa B.

Children's Embroidery and Applique Designs


"How to Machine Embroider an Applique design". Applique embroidery uses a combination of fabric and fill embroidery. For this demonstration, I am appliqueing a design of a pig. You will need an embroidery machine, the fabric you wish to applique upon secured in a hoop, the threads, a pair of scissors and the fabric for the applique design. I download the digitized applique design to my machine and attach the hoop. I stitch the outline of the design. I place the fabric over the applique design outline and stitch the tack down stitch. Next, I remove the hoop from the machine and trim off my excess fabric. I recommend using a pair of curved scissors to allow you to trim close to the thread without cutting it. Remember, never remove the fabric from the hoop until you are done, as this will affect the alignment of the applique design. Next, I stitch my final tack down stitch. I finish the design by stitching the fill embroidery portion. I change fill colors and stitch out the eye of the pig. When the sewing of the design is complete, I remove the fabric from the hoop and trim the excess threads. The applique design is complete.

How to Embroider an Applique Design

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