Children's Embroidery and Applique Designs


What Formats Are Available?

dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, sew, vip, and xxx If you don't see the format you need please contact me to see if it is available.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

Due to the digital nature of the product there are no refunds. The designs have all been tested for quality.  If you have any problems please contact me for technical support, I will be happy to help. If you are uncertain about compatibility with your machine please try out one of my free samples before purchasing. I do not recommend modifying, resizing or converting my work.  If you do so it is at your own risk.  I am not responsible for the quality of a modified design.

Can I Receive The Designs On A CD?

No, I don't mail designs on cd's.

I Am Not Sure Of What Format I Need, Can You Help Me?

I am not necessarily familiar with your specific machine so I recommend checking with the manufacturer to be certain of the format you need. If you are uncertain about compatibility please test out one of my free designs before purchasing.

What Is Your Copyright Policy?

All the designs have been lovingly created by me and are copyrighted.  You may stitch the designs on personal items or items to sell as long as they are not mass produced. You may embroider up to 50 of each individual design to sell. If you want to sell more than this please contact me.  You may not reproduce or share my designs or design files in any way without my prior written consent.

How Can I Pay For My Designs?

At my website I accept Mastercard, Visa and PayPal. My website is a secure site and all transactions are secure and encrypted for your protection.

How Do I Receive My Order?

After you check out and pay an instant download window will appear with your collections and you will receive your order instantly.

How Do I Transfer The Designs To My Embroidery Machine?

Some machines connect directly to the computer through a USB cable so that the files can be transferred directly. Other machines use floppy disks. For floppy disks you must save the files onto a floppy disk first then you put the floppy disk into your embroidery machine. Other machines use special cards to transfer designs. This requires additional hardware like an Amazing Box or card reader / writer that is specific to your brand of machine. You should check with the manufacturer of your machine to see what your embroidery machine requires.

The Colors On My Machine Are Different Than The Ones In Your Picture, Is This Correct?

Colors often don't translate correctly between different embroidery machines software. This is why I include images and thread order charts with all of my design sets. If you go by these you should be fine.

What Is The Difference Between Applique And Embroidery?

Applique designs use fabric in addition to embroidery fill stitching in the designs. Embroidery uses only fill stitching. Many of my designs are offered as both Applique or all Embroidery to suit your specific needs. If you are new to Applique, basic instructions are included with all of my Applique design sets.

The Design Isn't Lining Up Correctly What Is Causing This?

The main reason your design may not line up correctly is because the material is moving in your hoop during the embroidery process. It is very important to hoop your fabric securly before starting to embroider it. It is also very important to use a good quality strong stabilizer. In some cases a cut away fusable stabilizer is the best. Another way to help prevent slippage of the material is to wrap Hurt Free First Aid Tape around the middle section of all 4 sides of your hoop and then hoop the fabric. One other thing to keep in mind is that designs may not resize accurately. If you have resized or altered a design in any way that might be the reason your design isn't lining up.

What Sizes Of The Designs Do I Receive With My Order?

All of the sizes of the designs that are listed in the design set description are included in your order. Some machines and formats do not support all of the sizes. It depends on your individual machine as to what you will be able to use.

I Would Like To Submit A Photo Of My Finished Project For Your Gallery, How Do I Do This?

I love to show off customers projects in my project gallery! Please email me a picture in jpeg format along with your name so I can post it in my gallery (first names only will be posted).

I Would Like To Send In A Customer Review To Be Shared On Your Site, How Do I Do This?

I love to get feedback from my customers! Please email me your comment / review along with your name so we can post it (first names only will be posted).

How Do I Download The Designs I Purchase?

Once you have decided to check out and have selected your method of payment you will be guided through the purchase & download process. At the end of the payment process you will be given a link to download the designs you have purchased. Links are not emailed to you, you download them at the time of purchase. See link on left for detailed instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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